Residential Services

E.J. Militello Concrete provides a wide array of residential concrete construction, from the first, essential foundation of a home to interior floors and outdoor surfaces.  Each floor, deck, driveway and foundation is carefully molded, poured and sealed to give you a smooth, level space to enjoy for years to come.  In addition to functional bases and surfaces to anchor your home, deck, garage or patio, we also provide many varieties of decorative and textured concrete.  See the list below for more information on any residential concrete and concrete flooring in Buffalo, NY, and the surrounding areas.

Sidewalks & Driveways

Outside concrete is carefully poured and leveled to create a neat, welcoming path up to your home or connecting to your garage.

Porch Cap

A sturdy layer of concrete over your elevated or ground-level porch gives you a solid pathway to your door and an enjoyable sitting space. Choose from regular, colored or stamped concrete to achieve a distinctive effect.


E.J. Militello Concrete offers construction of stairs inside your home, to your porch and everything in between.  All steps are carefully measured and precisely laid for the exact elevation and length of your stairs.

Trench poured Foundations

Trench foundations anchor the walls and floors of your home to the earth and give you a solid framework for building.  Our trenches are carefully poured and reinforced to prevent water damage or weathering.

Pool Decks

A concrete deck or patio around your above-ground or in-ground pool gives you a sunny tanning space and helps keep debris out of the water.  Choose any concrete style and specifications to connect your pool, home, pool house or other buildings.

Sports Courts

Enjoy your personal tennis, basketball, bad mitten or other sports courts in your own backyard.  All our courts are carefully measured and fortified to maintain an even, smooth playing field. If you need help with the design, we can do that too.

Stamp Concrete

Stamped concrete gives you the look of marble, brick, tile or even wood in or around your home.  It displays a unique appearance with the strength of concrete, so it is perfect indoors or outdoors.

Colored Concrete

Accent any area around your home with colored concrete.  Colored concrete can be a stylish look on your driveway, sidewalk, pool deck, patio, or sports courts.

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate concrete creates a unique pattern and texture using tiny stones of varying color and size.  The textured surface is ideal for pools, patios and sidewalks to reduce slipping.

Patio/Driveway Resealing

Over time, driveways and patios can crack, chip or wear down.  We reseal old concrete to help restore its original shine.

Interior Floors

Our interior floors give you a fresh, even space to create any look.  You can easily install carpet or hardwood or use stamped concrete for distinguished appearance without the cost.

Pole Barn Floors

Shelter your car, store your landscaping materials or make your own workshop.  Concrete pole barn floors stand up to hard weathering pressures and years of heavy equipment and foot traffic without cracking or warping.