Commercial Services

E.J. Militello Concrete gives businesses a solid, polished and reliable foundation at every level.  Since 1996, our team of construction professionals has laid interior and exterior pavement and decorative stamped concrete that continues to support businesses today.  Our team leverages extensive experience and a fleet of equipment specializing in curb and sidewalk construction.

Colored Concrete

Match your interior or exterior theme with a wide array of colors and shades.  Colored concrete is available for landscaping features, floors, parking structures and other projects.

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed Aggregate concrete reveals a neat, decorative pavement with many unique textures. The look is highly customizable and produces a naturally slip-resistant surface.

Finished Pavement

For a smooth, accessible surface used in parking lots, thoroughfares, roadways and other surroundings, E.J. Militello Concrete offers a variety of materials and grades of finished pavement.

Floor Topping

All floors are precisely laid to ensure one smooth, level and balanced base.  Concrete floors display unparalleled durability, especially in warehouses, manufacturing plants and other industrial environments.

Interior Floors

Choose from a variety of finishes, colors and effects for your exposed concrete interiors.

Parking Garages

E.J. Militello Concrete provides full concrete placement for parking structures of any design, dimensions, levels and capacity.

Post Tension Decks

Post tension decks provide the highest level of strength and reinforcement.  Structures reinforced with post tension decks are ultra-resistant to cracks, weathering and warping.


Make an accessible path to your door or through parks or courtyards. Choose any shape, length, design or materials for your path.

Slab on Deck

Slab on deck foundations are elevated slightly from the surrounding earth to protect from flooding, heat loss and soil erosion.  They are extremely weather resistant and support buildings of any size or type.

Slab on Grade

Slab on grade foundations are laid in a single mold over the ground and hardened into place.  The single solid foundation is exceptionally sturdy and affordable.

Slip-form Curb

Slip-form curbs create smooth divides between roadways, parking lots, buildings and gardens.  Slip-form curbs join seamlessly with surrounding pavement and form easily into extreme angles or curves.

Stamp Concrete

Stamped concrete mimics the look of brick, flagstone, tile or even wood without the cost or fragility.  Stamped concrete is hard enough to withstand years of weathering while maintaining a polished appearance.